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Equalive Grosure Gold 850g
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Brand Equalive
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Suitable for:

  • Adult: With back pain problem, lack of exercise, busy daily routine, imbalance diet, easy fatigue
  • Elderly: Risk of osteoporosis, muscle weakness risk, weak immunity
  • Athlete/ Gym goers: Who need build up muscle
  • Recovery period: In surgery or illness recovery period

Why Grosure® Gold Daily Nutrition:

Key Ingredients


28 Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Fulfil the nutrition gaps in adults and elderly, maintain your body overall health and wellness.

Co-enzyme Q10

Helps to boost vitality and support heart health

Omega 3, 6, 9

Promotes brain health, improves heart health, reduce cardiovascular disease risk

High Quality Protein + CaHMB

A strong muscle bodyguard to support muscle strength, repair and protect muscle mass

Inulin & FOS

Maintain good intestinal environment, improve digestive health


Protect eye tissue from sunlight damage, enhance the sharpness of your vision.