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Exchange, Return and Refund Policy

Should there be any discrepancy of product(s) delivered, customer can contact UNICARE PHARMACY customer service by clicking on  CONTACT US within 7 working days, alternately, please whatsapp/call 0192595813. Our customer service will advise on the solution(s).

Exchange / Return / Refund of products can be arranged for the following reasons:

  • Damaged or defective

  • Different from the product upon ordering

  • Near expiry or expired

The return product will be checked with the receipt and the product together. If the product has been used and damaged by customer, there will not be any refund.

Follow these simple steps to register your Exchange/Return/ Refund:

  • First, click on WhatsApp and click on “continue to chat”.

  • Send “I want to make an Exchange/Return/ Refund”

  • Sending the receipt (proof of purchase) and product together along with the reason you want to make Exchange/Return/Refund.

  • Once we received your item, we will notify you that we have received your returned item.

  • After approved your Exchange/Return/Refund issue(s), we will immediate exchange a new item for you or, for customer who want to make a refund please send us your Personal Bank Account Number along with your Name.

  • You will receive your Exchange product within 2 week or your money refund within 7 days.

  • All Exchange customer and refund recipients will receive a WhatsApp Confirmation Message as their record.

* or, for further information please call 0192595813 to get the advice on the exchange/return solution.



  • 破损

  • 错误的商品

  • 即将过期或已经过期



1. 首先,点击(WhatsApp),然后点击 “继续聊天” 。

2. 发送 “我要换货/退货/退款”。

3. 将收据(购买证明)和产品连同您想要换货/退货/退款的原因一起发送。

4. 一旦收到您的物品,我们将通知您已收到您退回的物品。

5. 在批准您的换货/退货/退款问题后,我们将立即为您更换新商品,或者,对于想要退款的客户,请将您的个人银行帐号以及您的姓名发送给我们。

6. 您将在 2 周内收到您想更换的产品或在 7 天内收到您的退款。

7. 所有退货/退款人将收到 WhatsApp 确认消息作为他们的记录。

* 或者,欲了解更多信息,请致电 0192595813 以获取有关换货/退货解决方案的建议