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Member Benefits 会员福利


Unicare Pharmacy operates a member system and this is only applicable at our physical outlets.
To know more about the locations of our outlets, CLICK HERE.


The Benefits of being our members 会员的福利如下:

1. Collect Points & Redeem Rewards 累积分数并兑换
You can earn points as you spend at our pharmacies, and with these points, you can redeem a RM 5 voucher for every 500 points that you have accumulated. 
There are terms and conditions limited to the use of this voucher, which we have written here

To know more about how points are being accumulated, check below



Points Calculation 分数累积

RM 1 =
 Everything except those listed below, will entitle 1 point per RM 1 purchase

RM 5 =

 Chronic medications 长期药物
 Medications requiring prescription 需要医生处方的药物
 Medications under Class B Poison B组药物

No points

 Chemotherapy medications 化疗药物
 Insulin 胰岛素
 Milk Powders 奶粉类
 Face Masks 口罩
 Promotion Items 特价商品
 Pharmacy Services 药剂服务

2. Exclusive Discounts & Promotions  专属会员优惠和折扣

Enjoy savings with special member prices on selected items. A lot of our offers are exclusively for members only. 


3.  Member Exclusive Services 会员专属服务

Enjoy discounted rates or even free of charge on our service. 


4.  FREE 300 points 免费300分数

Instantly receive 300 points when yous signup, and all you need is to accumulate another 200 points to be able to redeem a RM 5 voucher. 

注册即可获得300分。再累积200分即可兑换RM 5的现金劵哦。

Others 其他详情:
Member Fee = RM 5 (SKU: 4394)

Card Replacement Fee = (RM 3 (SKU 4404)

The management of Unicare Pharmacy reserves the right to cancel, amend or update the above benefits without prior notice.