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Nonosugar in Partnership with Unicare Pharmacy!

In the collaboration between NONOSUGAR and UNICARE, we strive to promote healthy living through educational content and carefully curated products, while being able to nurture a healthier lifestyle for the community.

Welcome to Nonosugar!

Malaysia has the highest obesity rate in Asia with over 64% of our population being either obese or overweight. The leading cause of death of Malaysians in 2017 and 2018 was ischemic heart diseases, or in layman terms, ‘heart problem’. Our Ministry of Health has reported that 1.7 million Malaysians have all three risk factors for diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

Knowing all this has deeply compelled nonosugar to embark on a mission to nurture a healthier lifestyle and improve the livelihoods of our fellow Malaysians. Thus nonosugar was born! From sharing diet and nutrition tips, passionately curated health products to personalised wellness programs; it is nonosugar goal to make sure that you become the best version of yourself.

  • Yes

1. YesSure Gold Complete Nutrition (Vanilla Flavour & Plant Based)

Meet your daily nutritional requirements with YesSure Gold! Specially formulated to provide a solid nutritional foundation, giving you the strength & vitality to lead an active lifestyle.

2. Yes EatFat Peanut

Healthy Sancks & Healthy Fats.

  • FaFaLaLa

1. Mumu Strom

7 in 1 Vitamic C, 24 hours protection.

2. Only C

Acelora & Lemon with Prebiotic Fibre & Vitamin C. Boost your immunity and give your body the maximum protection.

3. Only Yogut

No added sugar prebiotics & probiotics.

4. Only Harimau

Organic Soya with Tiger Milk Mushroom plus Prebiotics & Probiotic.

  • Dong Foong 1978

1. She's Coffee (Hot Chocolate, Vitamin D & Americano)

Instant healthy coffee with no added sugar. Contains a great deal of health promoting prebiotic, dietary fibre and authentic arabica coffee powder.

2. He's Coffee Caffe (Mocha, Latte & Cappuccino)

Instant healthy coffee with no added sugar. Contains a great deal of health promoting prebiotic, dietary fibre and authentic arabica coffee powder.

3. Go! Peanut Butter (No.5 Coco, Crunchy, Smooth)

Made with 100% Peanuts, no added sugar, no salt , no vegetable oils, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, free of dairy, gluten & Cholesterol & high protein.

4. Beautifit Natural Herbal Tea

Natural herbal tea, helps promote bowl movement. Formulated with Ginseng, Green Tea, and Senna Leaves.

5. Love Purple, Green & Black

No added sugar meal replacement.

6. Temufafa Temulawak & Hot Ginger Cream

Non-Oily herbal cream formulated with ginger, citronella, lime and temulawak thaat helps body toning. Suitable as a massaging and stress relieving cream.

7. Temupapa Deep Moisturising Temulawak Cream

Topical herbal cream formulated with a high purity nutrients extracted from Temulawak Plant. Contains excellent anti-inflammatory properties that relieve, protect and repair muscle and joints.

8. Temuwawa Intensive Moisturizing Temulawak Cream

Temuwawa is formulated with Elfamoist AC™ technology that locks moisture for up to 30 hours, keeping the skin hydrated.

  • Tan Sri Ong

1. P90 Blend of Palm Olein & Olive Oil

It's a cookingh oil which blend of palm Olein (90%) and olive oil (10%).

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